About Me

Hi, I’m Rachael!

I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a mom of one sweet little boy. I love to talk about side hustle and investing. I am also a travel enthusiast at heart!

When I was a graduate student in Dallas, Texas, I love to travel and visit national parks around the states. However, travel across the county is expensive. Because of my enthusiasm to see all the 59 national parks around the country, I discovered the concept of travel hacking. By signing up for the credit cards and meeting the spending requirement responsibly, I earned millions of airline miles and hotel points, which allows me to travel comfortably with very little money. For the past 9 years, I was able to use airline miles to fly back to my hometown, Taiwan, Hawaii, Alaska, and many beautiful places. I am so thankful for the travel hacking opportunity in the United States, and I cannot wait to share my travel hacking journey with you!

I love developing ways to generate income from side hustles such as selling on Etsy, publishing E-books, being an Amazon FBA seller and a blogger. Publishing E-books and blogging is also a good source of passive income, as you front-loaded your effort initially, and you get a royalty from E-book and ad revenue from your blog down the road.

My goal is to generate passive incomes, such as investing in rental properties and syndications on bigger commercial deals. It takes time to experience the market cycle, learn from mistakes and wrong expectations, and become a sophisticated investor. I would love to share all my experiences with you.

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xoxo, Rachael

PS. Feel free to reach me fiwithorange@gmail.com