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How to write a blog post and a page

A page is a single webpage on your site while blog posts are listed on a single page on your site. Many blog posts are stacked on a single page.

Pages have more flexibility in design and are more independent. However, posts follow a strict layout.

How to write a blog post

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress back end by typing
For example, your URL is You type to access your WordPress login screen.

Step 2: Click on Posts -> Add New.


Step 3: Type your title first. Then you will click “+” to add either “headings”, “paragraph” or “image”.


The image below shows you what the H2 heading, paragraph, and image look like. A post typically contains paragraphs, images, and H2, H3, or even H4 headings depending on how long the post is.


Step 4: Use the right sidebar for additional blog settings. Before hitting publish buttom, I check the permalink, featured image, and excerpt.
Check if the permalink and excerpt contain your target keyword.


The image below shows what is featured image and what is excerpt.


How to write a blog page

To create a page, click on Pages -> Add New. Then follow the same step as writing a post. You can change the layout of the page in the right sidebar.


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