how to get free tickets boston aquarium

How to get free tickets to New England Aquarium

Visting New England Aquarium in Boston is one of the fun activities to do with my young kid during the winter. But the tickets are quite expensive for a family with 4 people. $32 for an adult and $23 for a child (3-11). It could add up to $110 for a family with 2 kids. Are you looking for ways to save at the New England Aquarium in Boston?

The best way is to get a Boston Library pass! You get four FREE admission tickets for a day.

How to reserve New England Aquarium pass from Boson public library


  • Your primary residence is in Massachusetts
  • You own property (real estate) in Massachusetts, you can find more here.

1. Get a Boston Public Library card

Get an eCard online. Then, bring your photo ID and proof of your Massachusetts address to any Boston public library location to upgrade a regular library card. A Massachusetts driver’s license or ID meets both requirements.

Or just visit any Boston public library to get a physical library card!

2. Reserved your Museum Passes

Reserved your Museum Passes or New England Aquarium pass.

If you are in the library, you can ask the front desk to reserve one for you. The pass will deliver to your email. You can either print it out and take it with you or display the pass on your phone or device. Either way, please be sure that the pass barcode is visible. That’s it! Easy!

Marine animals related books

My 3-year-old son, little orange, is so interested in marine animals, so I also ask library staff for recommendations.

Here are some of his favorites:

Wow! Ocean! by Robert Neubecker


We really like the drawing and the colors in this book. The colors are bright to catch children’s attention. For each type of animal, such as jellyfish, many different varieties of jellyfish are present here. So we have a sense of the species diversity (I am a biologist).

The most fun part, each page has a dog and a crab that hide somewhere. You have to look for them very carefully. Sometimes the dog transforms into a fish. My little orange had lots of fun finding the dog and the crab (marked by a white circle in the following images). Highly recommend this book!


Chomp: A Shark Romp by Michael Paul


This book talks about different types of sharks with different personalities. For example, my sons start to like lemon sharks because he likes to stay close to me like we were packed like sardines.

And hammerhead shark also becomes one of his favorite sharks because he likes a warm environment. I knew!! Boston is too cold these days.