EtsyHunt etsy rank analysis tool

EtsyHunt – Etsy keyword and product research tool

EtsyHunt is an Etsy rank analysis tool. It helps you research and optimize your Etsy SEO, product listings, and tags. Its chrome extension is also a convenient tool when you browse the Etsy product page.

Product tag research

If you already have a shop like me, I used EtsyHunt chrome extension for keyword and tag research. I browse product pages that are similar to what I sell and look at what could be good tags. You can use up to 13 tags on your product pages.

For example, this listing uses “Healing Gemstone” (3.5M). 3.5M listings have a “Healing Gemstone” tag.

You can also know how many sales past 7 days and the total sales for this product.


Keyword research

Pretending you are a buyer and type in your product in the search bar, “fossil coral”, for example. You can see the search volume and competition.


Click more, it will take you to the EtsyHunt website version which shows more information about “fossil coral”. In this case, the views are great, but the competition is high, and sale is low.


Check successful etsy shops 

You can also check your competitors’ shop performance. What are their monthly sale, ratings, and reviews? This matrix affects your shop ranking and your shop visibility.


EtsyHunt Chrome extension is an easy tool to use. If you are in process of product research and optimizing SEO, you should check it out.