Tools and Services I recommend

Web hosting

SiteGround – I used SiteGround to host my website and another science education website for 3 years. Although it is not the cheapest one in the industry, they have great customer service, easy to connect to a real person to get your issue addressed. I am a tech newbie when I start (I even don’t know how to transfer my domain to their service), their support was able to help me throughout my blogging journey.

GoDaddy – I used GoDaddy to buy my domain, there is 30% off now for the first year.

Cashback portal

Mr. Rebates

Mr. rebates – 我從 2019 年就開始用 Mr. rebates,還蠻喜歡的,是個值得信任的網站。透過我的連結 sign up,你可以得到 $5。

TopCashback – 也是我常用的 cashback 網站,用我的推薦連結加入,我和你都可以各得 $10。但是你的 cashback 要累積到超過 $10 才能領出來。

Rakuten – 之前叫 Ebates ,後來改名為 Rakuten,他的 sign up bonus 目前也是最高。9/30/2021 之前透過我的連結加入,透過網站買$30之後,我們各得 $30。