best tips to fly with a baby internationally

The 16 Best Tips to Fly with a Baby Internationally

Stressful when flying with a baby?

Traveling is fun, but it might not be fun with a baby. These 15 tips will help you relieve your stress and make your travel more comfortable.


Tip 1: Book a business class!

I am not kidding. It is very expensive for a long haul international flight, but I can book a business class from the US to Japan/Asia for less than $100. Please check my post, the beginners’ guide to travel hacking (step-by-step).

Tip 2: Call the airline to add the baby’s name.

The infant fare usually costs 10% of the adult fare for the international flight. Is it 10% of the full price for the cabin or 10% of what you paid for your ticket? This depends on the airlines. I suggest calling the airline to ticket the infant fare right after you paid your ticket. The fare usually goes up when it approaches your travel date. If you wait for longer, you could pay more.

Tip 3: Reserve a bassinet.

It’s a good idea to have a space for your baby to sleep, not on your lap. Bassinets are available in limited number. Not every seat is suitable for hanging the bassinet. When you reserve a bassinet, make sure to check with airline your seat is suitable for a bassinet. If not, ask the customer service to arrange a seat for you. Also, check the weight limit for the bassinet.

Tip 4: Reserve baby’s meal.

Most international infant fare includes baby meals. When you call the airline to add an infant fare, remember to reserve baby’s meals.


Tip 5: Bring extra diapers and clothes for you and your baby.

Sometimes there are diaper blow out and spit up incidents. You will need an extra clean outfit for your baby and a clean t-shirt for yourself.

Tip 6: Pack your baby sleep toy or blanket (something he is familiar).

My baby is not a good sleeper. He needs several cues to let him know it’s time to sleep, including put his gloves and pacifier on, and swaddle him. Bringing something he familiar makes he calm down and fall asleep earlier.

Tip 7: Pack some warmers in the winter

When you’re traveling or on a playdate, some warmers can be thrown in your diaper bag for smooth warming on the go. (by Jeanet)

Tip 8: Create a packing checklist.

  • baby’s passport and/or baby’s birth certificate
  • diapers and disposable changing pads
  • diaper rash cream
  • baby wipes and tissue
  • dirty diaper bags
  • baby formula
  • baby formula dispenser
  • baby bottles and extra nipples
  • insulated bottles
  • pacifiers
  • a swaddle blanket
  • 2 jammies
  • small toys
  • infant Tylenol
  • clean clothes for mom and dad

At the airport

Tip 9: Arrive at the airport early.

Give yourself extra time when traveling with a baby. It will take longer for security when you bring baby’s related liquid.

Tip 10: Use a free stroller service at the airport.

Remember to take the advantage to use a free stroller service at the airport if you don’t want to bring your own.

Tip 11: Wear your baby when going through security.

When you travel with a baby, you got lots of stuff. When going through security, you got lots of stuff to take out for checking such as formula and break milk. I use Ergo baby carrier to free up my two hands. It makes going through security much easier. Also, wear shoes that are easy to take off.

In the terminal

Tip 12: Do one more diaper change before boarding

The space is tiny on the plane, so it’s better to do it when you have space.

Tip 13: Bring a few new toys.

Babies love to explore new things so they are curious. That’s their job! Bring a few new toys will keep them busy for a while.

In the air

Tip 14: Plan to feed your baby for takeoff and landing.

Takeoff and landing are the time when your baby feel ear pressure, swallowing can help ease their ear pressure. Feeding or uisng a pacifier help to relief the ear pressure.

Tip 15: Ask a flight attendant for a small bottle of water.

Don’t use bathroom water to rinse baby bottles. The bathroom water may contain bacteria. Don’t risk to do that. Use drinkable bottled water to rinse baby’s bottles instead.

Tip 16: keep yourself relaxed

I know this is hard. However, the baby can sense parents’ stress, so keep yourself calm will help him stay calm as well.

The last thing you need to know about flying with a baby

Traveling with a baby a on long haul flight can be stressful. I hope these tips can make your traveling more comfortable and enjoyable.

What is your best tip when flying with a baby? Click the bottom below to submit your tip! I would love to hear from you.

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    When you’re traveling or on a playdate, some warmers can be thrown in your diaper bag for smooth warming on the go.

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